Are you someone that likes to go camping, hiking, fishing, or that works all day outside and has the need to keep liquids hot or cold? Don’t worry about the ice in your drink melting or your soup or coffee losing their steam by using the 30oz Gladiator Tumbler from MyPhase.

Most tumblers out there like the ones from Yeti and other manufacturers claim to keep liquids hot or cold for a specified duration of time, but now there’s a tumbler that will keep drinks colder or hotter for longer and that can also be customized!

MyPhase’s 30oz Gladiator Tumbler is revolutionizing the tumbler game. The 30z Gladiator Tumbler keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. Its 18/8 double-walled stainless steel design is non-toxic, non-leaching and BPA free.

The 30oz Gladiator Tumbler also offers mobility and convenience. This tumbler will hold up to 30oz of liquid while still fitting in a standard-sized cup holder.

No need for a coaster or to keep drying off your tumbler on hot days. The 30oz Gladiator Tumbler does not condensate. In addition to these great features, the 30oz Gladiator Tumbler is also dishwasher safe.

This incredible and convenient 30oz tumbler can be purchased at for $39.95.

Not only does MyPhase leading the way in the tumbler market, they also want to empower inspiration by allowing customers to customize the designs of their 30oz Gladiator Tumblers.

MyPhase offers full-color customization that won’t wear off on Gladiator Tumblers. Apply text, choose the art, add an image, it’s all possible with MyPhase’s customization tool.

Those who have experienced the greatness of the 30oz Gladiator Tumbler might also enjoy MyPhase’s 20oz Gladiator Tumbler, 17oz Gladiator Water Bottle, and the Gladiator Can Koozie.

Customers can also purchase a Wentworth 30oz Gladiator Tumbler, which has the same price and features as the regular 30oz Gladiator Tumbler with the addition of benefitting a good cause. When you buy a Wentworth 30oz Gladiator Tumbler, 50 percent of the proceeds go to the Wentworth Military Academy Alumni Association.

So what are you waiting for?! Get to now to order your 30oz Gladiator Tumbler.