Photos Not Uploading?

If you are experiencing issues uploading your photos, please try the following.

  1. First copy the pictures to your computer:
    This will reduce your access time and ensure that the files can be transferred off of your camera or CD or other file carrier.

  2. Check your system requirements:
    Make sure you are uploading from a system that meets all of our system requirements.

  3. Some applications may be blocking your uploads:
    Temporarily disable Internet filtering applications such as pop-up blockers, ad blockers, and firewall applications.

  4. Check for proper file format:
    Make sure that the images are in JPG format and in the RGB colorspace (and not the CMYK colorspace). In Photoshop, make sure they are saved as Baseline Standard and not Progressive.

  5. Avoid special keyboard characters in file names:
    Make sure that folder and file names are short and don't contain special characters. Ideally, they should just contain letters, numbers, hyphens (-) and underscores (_) and not characters such as )(*&^%$#@!

  6. Disable your computer from sleep mode:
    Prevent your computer from going into "sleep" mode, either by adjusting the sleep setting or periodically moving the mouse.

  7. Check your Internet connection:
    Wireless upload speeds are dependent on the number of devices connecting and/or location of the computer/laptop in relation to the wireless router. Public wireless locations can be less reliable or slower than home networks or dedicated (plugged-in) lines.


Do you offer discounts for designers, artists or photographers?
Absolutely, we love supporting great art and design. Contact one of our art consultants

MyPhase Shipping & Return Policy

Your satisfaction is our goal. We take great pride in EMPOWERING YOUR INSPIRATION™

If your order was damaged during shipping or imperfect due to a printing error, we will try to replace it as quickly as possible.

If you are unhappy with the final product because of an error on your part, such as uploading a low-resolution image or mistyped word or poor spelling, we can work with you to fix it, but we will have to share the cost of replacing it.

To help improve our processes, you may be asked to return the order so we can take a look at the mistake itself to understand where the error occurred and to help prevent similar errors from happening to others.

If you made a mistake or changed your mind and wish to receive a refund, you must return the merchandise and a 50% return fee will apply. We do not accept returns without a completed form.

Some restrictions apply. Please click here for a return form.

Why do you charge my credit card before my product has been produced?
Everything we make is custom made and produced on-demand so we bill you in advance to ensure that we have validation of your ordering intent. This is just a pre-authorization however and nothing is actually billed until your product actually ships out.

I cancelled my order, why haven't I seen a refund on my credit card?
It can take up to 7-10 business days for a refund to process through your credit card company. Contact us for an ETA.

I need my order by a certain date.
You can indicate the date you need your order by during the checkout process. If the date is particularly soon, you may need to add rush shipping to ensure it arrives on time.

Will you send me tracking information once my canvas has shipped? Yes, we will email you once your order has shipped with your USPS / UPS tracking number.

What are your shipping options?
Ground Shipping is usually between 3-7 business days and Rush Shipping usually takes 1-3 business days.

Who do you ship with?
We are proud to offer UPS / USPS shipping options.


How long does it take to receive my order?
From the time you submit your order, 1-3 business days for production and then 3-7 days for standard shipping or 1-3 days for rush shipping.

How do I change the shipping or billing address on my order?
Contact us at 1-877-698-6266 or to change your shipping or billing address.


What image file types does MYPHASE accept through its site?
Our website uploader accepts JPEG, GIF, or PNG.

What is the maximum file size you can accept through your website?
Our website uploader supports files up to 15 MB, if you have a larger file contact us and we’ll provide you with alternate methods.

I would like to change the image that I originally submitted with my order. How do I do this?
Contact us as soon as possible via phone, email or chat and we’ll provide you with instructions on how to send us a new image. However, if the process has already started, we will have to create a new product for you and share in the cost of creating the prior one. All products are made on demand and unfortunately, we need to be accountable for this facet of our business.

What size image file is required to make the best possible canvas print?
While we specialize in working with images of all sizes, typically a file size of 2 MB or larger should be sufficient enough for us to maximize quality without the need for a low-resolution filter.

How much of my image will I lose if I choose the photo wrap option?
This will depend on the depth of the wrap chosen. Please consult the guidelines that appear during the customization process to ensure your photo parameters.

Can I add text to my image?
Yes! Simply select the Add Text tool when your Personalize and place your text accordingly.


What is your privacy policy with regards to the use of my images?
Please consult our official terms of use, but we assure you that we will not use any of your images for purposes other than the production of your orders. The only exception to this is if you agree to allow us to share your exceptional work in our MyPhase Inspirational Gallery.